October 29, 2018


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I attend and what would I gain?
A. This is a weekend experience in a relaxed atmosphere of fellowship offering individual Brothers the opportunity to be challenged, excited, amused, exposed to new ideas, offered options for expression, and mentored in the ways and ideals of Freemasonry. It also allows us to renew old acquaintances and to make new friends.

Q. Why does the cost seem high?
A. When one considers that the price includes 2 nights accommodation at the resort, all meals for 2 days, guest speakers from around the world and an opportunity to be with Brethren from all regions, it is truly great value for the dollar.

Q. Who can attend the MSW?
A. Alberta Masons in good standing or from Grand Lodges in amity with Alberta are invited to attend. (Includes Masons of the 1st Degree—EA, 2nd Degree—FC and 3rd Degree—MM)

Q. What is the dress code at the MSW?
A. Casual dress for the entire weekend. Jacket & tie are NOT required.

Q. What happens after the formal sessions have concluded on Friday and Saturday evenings?
A. Some may turn in early, but others may host or attend hospitality rooms. You will find discussions on a number of topics which are usually accompanied by a libation.

Q. If a Lodge or District wishes to host a hospitality room, are there rooms available?
A. Yes. Hospitality Rooms are available (at an additional cost). Contact the Secretary for more details.

Q. If my plans change and in the final week I find that I can attend, can I still register?
A. Yes. We will do everything in our power to accommodate your registration.

Q. Can ladies attend the Saturday Masonic sessions?
A. The sessions are only for Masons, as such Ladies may not attend.

Q. Is there a formal Ladies Program?
A. No. Ladies are welcome to attend the weekend and a Wine and Cheese social on the Friday evening as well as the meals (but meals must be purchased). If ladies are planning to take advantage
of the Spa, it is recommended that they book early!

Q. Can anyone donate a raffle prize or be a sponsor?
A. Yes. Donations and sponsorships can be made to any member of the MSW Committee.

Q. Is the MSW looking for volunteers to help this year or in future years?
A. Yes we are. If you would like to volunteer, contact our Secretary or a committee member.